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I almost got a speeding ticket on Christmas Eve while doing some last minute shopping. 

 Speed Trap

I was going around 70 mph in a 45 mph.  There was a CHP officer hiding off to the side of the road on a shoulder, along an wide open stretch near a busy shopping turnpike. 

This was an ideal spot to catch people speeding.  I must have been stuck between 6 sets of red lights, between about 50 busy stores for over 20 minutes.  I finally made it past the last set of lights and out of the highly congested area, so naturally I hit the gas and took off to make up for all the lost time between the red lights.  About a 1/4 mile down the road there was a CHP officer hiding behind a couple of bushes off the road, it was an ideal spot to tag speeders on radar, because it was really concealed. 

Police Chase

However, this same concealment prevented the officer from being able to pull out when there is a ton of traffic on this road.  So lucky for me there were at least 20 cars behind me which prevented him from pulling out quickly.  So I zipped into the nearest parking lot,  parked my car and went into a store.  The officer found my car and waited.  I took my time in the store, but the officer had nothing better to do either, so 20 minutes later I walked out past my car where the officer was waiting and walked over to Taco Bell.  By the time I finished eating he was already gone!

It’s been a while since I have looked at radar detectors so I looked online and I found a company, Phantomalert, which sells the latest Radar/Laser detectors, GPS radar detectors, license plate photo blocker sprays and covers, and other devices and information on avoiding traffic tickets.

 Valentine OneEscort Radar

Based on my research I believe that the Valentine One ($399.99) and the Escort Passport 9500i ($499.99) are the best radar/laser detectors out there for the price.

They also make Photoshield covers for license plates to prevent a car’s license plate from being photographed.

Photoshield License Plate Cover

This license plate cover can prevent a car’s license plate from being photographed and can save a person from getting a ticket at those red light cameras.

Toll Booth Cameras

They don’t recommend using these to block toll booth cameras on the Fast Pass Express Lanes.  However they would probably work for that purpose.

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