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Want to know if someone is lying to you over the telephone? Great News! There is a new phone card out there called LiarCard made by the same folks that brought you SpoofCard.

This service uses the most advanced voice analysis polygraph technology for personal use available today, accessible from any phone.

LiarCard “listens” to the millisecond changes that occur in the human voice when a sudden process starts in the brain and extract some of the attention needed to process the words.

Unlike other voice stress analysis technologies, LiarCard can analyze different layers in the voice while providing an in-depth view into the subject’s range of emotions.

LiarCard can detect if your subject is excited, confused, stressed, unwillingly sharing information, concentrated, anticipating your responses and even if your friend really likes you… it can also tell when a person is lying with a proven 95% accuracy rate!

MTV Exposed
LiarCard has over a 95% accuracy rate and uses the same technology developed by the Israeli Intelligence Agency. This was demonstrated on the hit MTV show, Exposed!

LiarCard is easy to use:

Make the Call
- Dial the toll-free access number provided to you.
- Input your personal PIN.
- Input the destination phone number of the party to be analyzed.

Natural Conversation

Once your call begins, you’ll be able to engage in a natural conversation without the need to ask direct questions like “are you lying?”, remember it’s not what is said, but how it’s said that matters.

Review Results

During the call, a heartbeat pulse is played in the background which only you will hear. When the called party is stressed about what is said then you’ll hear it beat quicker and then slow down again if they’re being truthful. A buzz is played when the called party is suspected of not telling the truth or is in an extreme state of mind. There is also a web interface which you can watch while you are talking to your subject as seen below.
LiarCard Screenshot

While on the phone with your subject, sign in to your web-based dashboard to watch the truth indicator move as your subject is speaking.

All calls used by this service are automatically recorded. You can log into the web interface at anytime in the future and review your calls and review the graph as the person speaks to determine exactly when they were lying!

LiarCard sells 30 minute cards for only $10. They also offer a FREE trial call on their site to prove that their service actually works.

I tried out the service and was totally impressed. It’s well worth the cost and this will definitely be helpful in the future.

Just think how much better off you might if you could find out if a particular person was lying to you about something. This card allows you to know the truth! It gives you a certain piece of mind that you can’t get else where!

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