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Installation shots of V, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, 2008

Angela Bulloch builds scenes of connecting elements, yet, by enunciating different possibilities of perception within these scenes, puts forth no coherent narrative from her installations. Her current exhibition at Eva Presenhuber consists of two rooms: The first contains 'Last Year Again', circular projections of copyright-free NASA images from space which have been animated to present the globe as seen from a great distance, spinning at either end of the room, and 'Chain of 8 Perverted Pixels', a series of white light cubes each containing three neon tubes - at one end is a perfect cube, which starts a row of cubes which incrementally become more abstracted in form while the composite colour emanating from within each also blooms in varying shades. The perverted pixels are the latest outcome in Bulloch's pixel box series, which started with grids of luminous colour cubes; these works are catalysed by film or television images which have been translated or distilled to individual colours, some changing hue before the viewer. While on one hand the globes present the impossibility of seeing the entire world from one viewpoint, the pixels are gem-like from one angle but do not sustain the illusion from the opposite. In this one room Bulloch covers a spectrum of reception and transmission of information with works that are both dry and beautiful, factual and fantastic.

The second room hosts a new installation conceived for this show, Vanishing Waiting Room, a glass and mirror-walled shelter situated in the centre of a space coated in the dense yellow paint of road markings, a surface that seems to both absorb and refract light in equally intense measure. When the visitor occupies the position arranged for them on a bench in the structure, they are located at the apex of a V formed by luminous lines of string stretching to the room's edges. So we have hard industrial materials, undisguised and indeed celebrated by the application instructions posted on one wall, (continuing Bulloch's fascination with rules governing our actions) and the physical articulation of an aesthetic construct - a vanishing point meeting over the viewer. Bulloch is at ease with the prosaic vocabulary of the quotidian: street furniture, aluminium and paint applied by heavy machinery, a waiting place for transport governed by an arbitrary timetable, and she's also fully conscious of the aesthetic and critical field she operates in. 'Vanishing Waiting Room' can have laugh at the expense of Dan Graham, cock a snook at modernism, be critical of the architecture of a socialised cityscape and yet celebrate the visual qualities of her materials; she doesn't need to be po-faced to create a work of value. Indeed, in the dim light that allows the luminous lines to be seen, the shadowy structure offers magical potential; here one waits with optimism.

Aoife Rosenmeyer

Angela Bulloch: V
Until 19 April
Galerie Eva Presenhuber
Limmatstr. 270, P.O. Box 1517, CH-8031 Zurich
Löwenbräuareal, 8005 Zurich

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