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The opening night of 'In Pieces'

Gavin Turk and Bethany Murray

Alannah Weston

Party photographs by Dafydd Jones

Swashbuckling, debonair, Byronesque, and rogue-ish, Christopher Landoni was perhaps the last of the epic dandies. To know him was to experience pure exquisite beauty; poetic, sublime and tragically fated. He was our most outrageous friend, touching each of our lives with a type of otherworldly magic that exists only in legend. 'In Pieces' is both tribute to and celebration of one of the most dearly missed figures of contemporary art - his life, his work, and his legacy.

Landoni's art, as his life, was an uncompromising paradisiacal pursuit, a dreamer's quest for Xanadu, made real through his own making, shared with ostentatious generosity. Poignantly autobiographical with its anachronistic romanticism, opiate splendour, and gothic reverie, Landoni's work echoes with literary grandeur, wholeheartedly, luxuriantly indulged; malefic in its decadence and excess, dazzling in its shameless ambition and exhibitionism, rapturous in its visionary enchantment (and so wryly, sardonically, gregariously funny). His drawings, black on black, white on white, scratch on glass, anticipate his illusive quarry: torturous pleasure gardens, prison yards, drug dens, and intoxicating landscapes, sumptuous near invisible surfaces concealing laboriously rendered nirvanas. His sculptures blur art historical adulation with regaled fantasia, combining imperious bronze casting, futuristic audio distortions, hilariously grotesque blobs, and meat-eating plants in fetishistic monuments of high design and absinthian ennui.

Set in a landmark Georgian house, 'In Pieces' reconstructs Landoni's studio environment - with all its joie de vivre and aristocratic connoisseurship - in honour of his living memory and enduring inspiration. Accompanying Landoni's work is an exhibition of artworks donated by Landoni's many friends and collaborators - proceeds will go into a trust for Noah Landoni, Christopher's 7 year old son.

Patricia Ellis

In Pieces: Christopher Landoni
Until 27 April
39 Myddelton Square
London EC1
Thursday - Sunday 11.00am - 6.00pm or by appointment
Curated by Philly Adams in support of Noah Landoni

Artists exhibiting:
Orion Best, Hardy Blechman, Tom Burgh, Deborah Curtis, Giles Curties,
Patricia Ellis, Nesta Fitzgerald, Dmitri Galitzine, Melli Ink, Anne Leigniel,
Cedar Lewisohn, Camilla Low, Robert Gordon McHarg III, Sam McMillian,
Oliver Michaels, Danny Moynihan, Toby Paterson, Vinca Petersen,
Jane Simpson, Louie Simpson, John Spencer, Alexis Marguerite Teplin,
Caragh Thuring, Alessandra Travagliati, Gavin Turk, Emily Wardill,
Joshua Wiskey, Emma Woollard, Gregor Wright, Toby Ziegler.

We would like to thank Amber Trentham and the galleries who are giving their support: Museum 52, Simon Lee, Hotel, IBID, Sutton Lane, T1+2 Gallery.

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