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George Igboegwu has no formal training in photography but his work stood out from the entries to the inaugural Sony World Photography Awards and will be shown on the Saatchi Online Wall in Cannes as part of the SWPA later this month (22-26 April).

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Igboegwu now lives in London and has been taking pictures in a concentrated way over the last two years. He's like to experiment, taking photographs of fruit, different cities, London at night, the river Thames, musicians, the area in Nigeria where his parents are from and, most strikingly of all, the homeless or destitute. His work is spontaneous, catching people off guard and in an unposed way. If possible, his subjects wouldn't even be aware of his camera, as with this man who, asleep on the pavement, was literally unaware of Igboegwu's camera:


Before taking the following photograph of a homeless man in London's Oxford Street, Igboegwu offered him some money. 'He turned it down,' says Igboegwu. 'To be fair, he wasn't playing his harmonica at the time though, so I guess maybe he just likes to "earn" his money.'


To see more of George Igboegwu's work click here to go to his Saatchi Online profile page.

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