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There are some cases where you want to display the title bar of a list view Web Part, but don't want to actually include a link to the list itself.  This can be done very easily by following these simple steps -

  1. Log into your SharePoint site as a user who has Designer or higher rights.
  2. Locate a list view Web Part that you want to remove the link from, and click on the drop down arrow for the Web Part edit menu.  In this example, we are working with the Announcements list view Web Part found on the Home page of the Team Site.

  3. Select the option Modify Shared Web Part.
  4. On the right side of the screen, the Web Part Properties tool pane will appear.  Expand the section called Advanced.

  5. Notice the field Title URL.  Delete the contents of the text box and click OK.

The link to the Announcements list has now been removed while still providing a title to the list view Web Part.

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