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Reviews By Brandon Mendelson: The Ray Gun Girls Eclipse Mars, Earth, And Horrible Music

2008 Editor's Note: This was a review I did for Burning It's a porn site. So don't go looking for it unless you want that sort of thing. Do you know what writing for a porn website makes me?

Hey, everyone has to break in somewhere...right? Don't judge.


The Ray Gun Girls – Mars Eclipsing
Label: Savage Vibe Records

I’m not a fan of Trent Reznor or the industrial scene. Wow, you’re not Goth, but you still dress and sound like it. If it looks like a Goth and acts like a Goth…

Most of the music in this genre sucks because it focuses on the same subjects and themes. How often can you sing about dying? If I had to make a song about dying it would be five seconds of silence. The title? “Hey Asshole, I’m dead!”

Fortunately I found a band that doesn't make me want to fuck an electrical socket. The Ray Gun Girls out of Queens, New York, deserve applause for not making horrible industrial music.

From the opening track to the final cut this is an excellently crafted album. The production is outstanding, and the guitars and beats blend flawlessly. The CD really hits a high point when the band shows off it’s duel vocalists going at it on different tracks. And I’m not talking about Queen like counterpoints here, the two singers switch off seamlessly without any awkwardness in the song. If you have a chance you must check out The Ray Gun Girls and pick up their album Mars Eclipsing for some good music. I give this album a full 5 out of 5.

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