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modern Hindi writer Mahavira PrasadMahavir Prasad Dwivedi was born 1864 in Daulatapur village in Raebareli district of utter Pradesh. his father name is Ramsahay Dwived he was British Indian army. he was a noted Hindi writer.Mahavir Prasad was divided hindi literature in to four phase.and his second phase is known as the Dwived Yugo in 1893 to 1918.

Mahavir Prasad was famed for writer and literariness.his translation published in Sahitya Sandarbh and Vichar Vimarshk. Dwivedi was published Saraswati and was edit the journal with a knowledge of both classical and contemporary literature gained from his writing experiences.

Mahavir Prasad know Languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili, Angika, Vajjika, Bundeli Religion Hinduism. Mahavir Prasad was former synonymous of and letter Hindi literature. He was a writing a Hindi poetry in a Refined style.this later acquired a deeper moral tone. He was fully adopted to enrich modern life. Social, political and economic problem.

Mahavir was best represented by Kamayani is the zenith of this school. His first cover page is Bharatendu and Dwivedi. He write this page about developed drama, novel, short story, essay and literary criticism.

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