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۵Cyber Experiences۵
March 17th, 2010
 ۵Cyber Experiences۵
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A lot of ppl say they discover the joy of sexual freedom through cybersex. It was a way to express all the hidden desires and needs suppressed for so long. Some are so strong against it they wont even discuss it .
Ive met all kinds of people, from all over the world. From being a chat host for 7 years My true personality was able to redevelop through these interactions. Some of my partners became so much more to me than just words on the screen. If you haven't done it, I guess it's hard to understand. They touch your life. My friends have given me so much of my confidence, my life. I don't want anyone to feel sad, or feel that it's a lonely existence indulging in this type of play. It can be very exciting, fun, & creative, a real learning experience - discovering what really excites you, what you want, how you feel about things. We have discussed everything from their relationships, their work, religion, kids, death, you name it.  for now, this is a way to grow, to learn about myself, to rediscover what makes me happy . What are your cybersex experiences? & how do u feel on the subject, don’t be shy , we r all adults here…I wanna see lots of input on this (comments) theres more to come.

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