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Kill Switch (Rus/Eng/PC)
March 26th, 2010
Kill Switch (Rus/Eng/PC)

PC Game | Windows | Action | Namco | 546 MB

In a world on the brink of global conflict, you find yourself back on the front lines of battle. Only this time, you're not here to prevent a war... You're here to start one. A third-person shooter from Namco, kill.switch is a mission-based jaunt with 16 different weapons, 15 scenarios, and an emphasis on finding cover for protection. Players can dynamically use their environment as cover -- conform to objects and terrain, popping out to fire from protected positions. There is also a blindfire move that lets the main character fire without even looking. The relentless enemies in the game use the same tactics available to the player, and work as teams to take you down. PC version published by Hip.

- Most popular stealth-genre.
- 6 large missions 18 grueling levels in different parts of the globe.
- The immense arsenal of sophisticated weapons.
- Fully use the details of the environment: landscape, objects.
- Shoot from behind a corner blindly, without looking at the enemy.
- Modern three-dimensional graphics dramatic, exciting plot

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements
* PIII 800 MHz
64MB (Win98/Me), 128MB (Win 2K/XP)
900MB free disk space
16MB 3D accelerator

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