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There are many hill-stations in India and a very few seem to be as popular as this one. A little correction, this is not just a hill station...infact, it is a preplanned hill city located in the western mountain ranges of India, near to the two major metropolises, Mumbai and Pune and also circling Warasgaon Lake, one of the primary sources of water for Pune city. Lavasa City is coming up on eight large hillocks that surround the elongated Varasgaon Dam Reservoir. The project covers approximately 25,000 acres (100 km2) of land. Under this 25,000 acres, Lavasa is all set to offer a vibrant, self-contained world with an extensive Master Plan covering half that area. The rest of the region is left untouched to preserve the natural beauty.

Lavasa is abundant with natural beauties. Envisioned as a complete hill station offering a balanced life in harmony with nature, Lavasa is an inspirational destination for lifestyle seekers. Away from chaos and crowds, it is a place to relax and enjoy nature in one of its finest forms. Very much, a complete world in itself with some majestic lakeside homes and cocooned workplaces. Lavasa is also a hub for world-class educational institutions, hospitality and training centers, it's an arena for the mind where learning is a way of life.

Now those who want to come here, if you are from Pune then there are five access routes to Lavasa, one of which is enhanced and developed. This is the Chandni Chowk-Pune road to Lavasa which offers a similar quality drive as one experiences on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This road makes Lavasa approximately an hour's (around 65 kms) drive from Pune and almost 3.5 hours away from Mumbai (around 200 kms). Ecabs also provides its car-taxi services for the same.

With everything going in favor of Lavasa, its really hard to ignore a place like this which seems to be bustling with natural grandeur. At ecologically sustainable environment will surely help you live, work, learn and play in harmony.

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