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Inspect, test, adjust, and repair equipment, instruments,
and control systems used in a nuclear power generating

Alternate Title(s):Electrical Technician; Electrical Engineering
Technician (Power Plant); Electronics Technician;
Instrument and Controls Technician; Nuclear
Equipment Engineering Technician; Power Plant Technician

Salary Range US: $45,000 to $65,000 or more
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Fair to Good

Education or Training—High school degree required;
an Associate of Applied Science (two-year) college
degree in electrical engineering technology, electronics,
and/or mechanics usually required as well; four-year college
degree not necessary, but recommended
Experience—Successful completion of an electrical,
electronics, or mechanical technician training curriculum
is the typical requirement, but experience from a government
naval nuclear training program may be an acceptable
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Detail-oriented
and comfortable with deadlines; excellent interpersonal
and communication skills; good hand-eye coordination and
good physical stamina; mechanical ability; patience and
persistence; solid computer skills
Special Requirements—Certification as an electrical/
mechanical technician and as a nuclear power plant technician
required; nuclear power plant security clearance

Tips for Entry :
1. During high school, include courses in mathematics,
drafting (blueprint reading), and technical writing, as
these skills will be important to you as an Instrument
2. While in high school or while pursuing an associate’s
degree, consider summer internship programs at electric
(or nuclear) power plants to gain an understanding
of the instrument and control systems needed for
power generation.
3. After gaining your degree, consider an authorized
training program at a nuclear facility, such as the program
given by the Tennessee Valley Authority, to help
you gain needed certification as a nuclear technician.


Entry = Instrument Technician Trainee
Middle = Instrument Technician
Top = Electrical Engineer; Mechanical Engineer

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