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Acer Iconia-6120 14-Inch Dual-Screen Touchbook

Back in Feb i have posted an announcement that Acer Iconia 6120, a dual screen tablet PC, was about to hit the markets. Well, now that the laptop started selling and the first buyers had a chance to review it, it appeared that this fancy gadget might be not as good as it initially seemed.

While it was obvious that Acer Iconia, having two displays, must be a real battery-burner, noone would expect its running time on batteries to be only 2 hours. It's rather heavy for a 14-inch laptop (6.18 lbs) and it heats noticeably during operation. The bottom screen appears to be hard to use under a bright light, and the Acer's gesture utilities that come with a laptop are plain half-baked. Compared to Wacom's tablet PCs, which allow for almost natural writing, it's almost impossible to write with a finger on Acer Iconia, and the virtual keyboard will anger an average laptop user who got used to typing on regular keyboards. Also, the device lacks a DVD and media card readers.

Bottom Line: while Acer Iconia 6120 is a stylish and innovative gadget, it leaves you desiring for more and is indeed not ready for prime time.

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