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In the age of computerization and mobility, there are millions of people taking advantage of the new technologies. There are already hundreds of jobs that only need a laptop and Internet connection to get things done, such as programmers, FOREX traders, writers, designers or webmasters, and the fact that they can work and make money from anywhere in the world, has been a subject of jealousy for people of other, “less mobile” professions. However, things are changing quickly and it looks like the happy crowd of mobile workers will be soon joined by no one else but COOKS (what a surprise).

Introducing the concept of the mobile kitchen designed for Electrolux by Dragan Trenchevski.

Electrolux Notebook Kitchen design by Dragan Trenchevski

This conceptual wunderwaffle that cooks can take with them everywhere is going to have an induction cooking element and a built-in grater. Not only that, it can also act as a high-tech cutting-board and, obviously, a mobile computer with a touchscreen interface, Bluetooth, wi-fi, webcam and a cooking book loaded on it.

As much as I like the concept of a notebook kitchen, it’s highly unlikely that such a device would work to begin with. There are obvious issues such as overheating of computer components, cleaning (imagine hot oil spitting out from a frying pan going everywhere or pasta water boiling over), condensation of steam on a screen so you won’t be able to see a thing, and power requirements (I doubt it would be possible to squeeze enough power from built-in battery to cook even a simple fried egg). Despite all that, the device looks fabulous and… it never hurts to dream, doesn’t it?

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