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Nuevas Novelas Koreanas 2012 (Estrenos)

Esta es una lista con los últimos estrenos de novelas coreanas para este año

Como siempre han aparecido una gran cantidad de novelas coreanas, en las cuales no falta el romance, la comedia y el drama

Nuevas Novelas Coreanas 2012 (Estrenos)
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Puedes seguir este link para saber los detalles de cada una de estos k-dramas

Love Rides the Rain
Rooftop Prince
Dream High Season 2
K-Pop - The Ultimate Audition
The King 2hearts
The Moon That Embraces the Sun
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Fashion King
Wild Romance
Full House Season 2
Porcupine And Miss Panda
My Shining Girl
I Need a Fairy
I Do, I Do
Queen In-hyun's Man
Operation Proposal
Feast of the Gods
To The Beautiful You
Time Slip Dr. Jin
Late Blossom
Take Care of Us, Captain
Salamander Guru and the Shadows
Marriage Plot
I Love Italy
The Equator Man
Absolute Boyfriend (Versión Coreana)
My Husband Got a Family
Dummy Mommy
Arang and the Magistrate
City Conquest
Ghost (2012)
Happy Ending
Twelve Men in a Year
A secret to voices
Goodbye Wife
History of the Salaryman
Nice Guy
Immortal Classic
Holy Land
A Gentleman’s Dignity
Ordinary Love
I Need Romance Season 2
Can Love Become Money
Yellow Boots
Dear Love
Bridal Mask
The 3rd Hospital
I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon
Tasty Life
Respond 1997
An Angel's Choice
Welcome Rain to My Life
Just Like Today
Suspicious Family
Amore Mio
Love Again
Beautiful Life (korean drama)
21st Century Family
The Great Seer
Ji Woon Soo's Stroke of Good Luck
Strong Colors
Why Didn't You Get Married?
Christmas Gift
Golden Time
TV Novel Bok Hee
The Highlight of Life
Romance of their Own
Superman Flies
A Wife's Credentials
Little Girl Detective
Still You
Can't Live without You
Hero (OCN)
Family Portrait
Father's War
King Taejong Muyeol
The Disappearance of the Member of Parliament
The Endless World of Literature
I Can't Lose
Father is Sorry
Over the Mountains - Season 2
Cuple Clinic - Love and War Season 2
Rude Miss Young-Ae
SOS - Save our School

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